Argumentative essay school uniforms debate

The essence of a good debate is that there are points for and against the topic each of which is well made. The issue of the wearing of school uniforms is an ideal example of a good debate. For every argument in favour of school uniforms, there is a counter-argument to say they are not such a good thing. Here are some examples of that very situation.

Bullying is always bad

One argument in favour of school uniforms is that if they are not required then students will wear their own choice of clothes. Those students who do not have a lot of money and who perhaps cannot afford the latest trends in fashion, may find themselves the victim of bullying. They are not able to keep up with the latest and so are teased or bullied. But the perfect example of presenting a counter-argument is to say that students need clothes for social occasions after school so will buy those clothes anyway. And those who can't afford the latest will be bullied outside of school.

We need to encourage individuality

One important part of education is to encourage every student to be an individual. We want them to think for themselves, to develop their own skills and talents and personality. By requiring every student in the school to wear exactly the same clothes, that is the school uniform, we are removing the opportunity for every child to express themselves. We are preventing them from choosing their own attire and thus expressing their personality. But then a counter-argument to this is that in school at least, students are not lumped into a certain category. Because they are dressed the same, they are the same, the equal of their peers.

Money, money, money

If the school did not require students to wear a specific uniform, the parents of the students would save a considerable amount of money. But students do need to wear some clothes to school and if it's not a school uniform then who is going to pay for the clothes the students wear anyway? And if a child cannot afford smart casual clothes, there is no embarrassment if everyone is wearing the same outfit.

The best essay writers on any topic and, in this case, on the value or otherwise of wearing a school uniform, will put their case in simple language. But being able to discuss both sides of the argument, by giving the pros and cons in equal measure, shows you are a thinking and erudite student.