Writing essays about Winston Churchill

The World War II era is one of the signature moments of the twentieth century. The battle between the freedom loving countries of the world against the repressive fascist countries of Germany, Italy and Japan was the story. There was not a more symbolic leader of the struggle for freedom than Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain. It was during the Battle of Britain and the seemingly endless bombing that his leadership showed the world that freedom would not give into the Germans. This is one of the reasons that Winston Churchill is often uses as a topic of many essays. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing essays about this great British leader.

Choose an Area of Interest

There are all sorts of topics that can touch on Winston Churchill’s contribution to the history of Great Britain. The first thing to do is compile a list of the ones that instill passion in you. Start with the early war years, move through the war and then through the peace process. Churchill was one of the most influential people in the world at during this time. As you have a list compiled, hen choose a topic off it and then construct a thesis statement that will guide your writing of the essay. The thesis statement is the guide to your research and writing. An example might be: The battle of Britain was Winston Churchill’s finest moment. This would allow you to investigate the battle of Britain and how the leadership of Churchill was demonstrated by the events that took place.

Draft and Writing

Then it is a simple matter of creating a working outline. As information is learned then it can be added to an outline and that outline can remain a working document that adjusts as new information is gained or old information becomes irrelevant or too cumbersome for the writing process. This outline will be your greatest writing tool because done right , the rough draft will be a written compilation of the information stored on your outline. It will begin with an introduction that is going to include the thesis and end with a conclusion that will more than likely tell all about your thoughts on the contributions of Winston Churchill to the world.

The final draft will be a fine tuning of that rough draft, checking for spelling and grammar, but more importantly making sure that the text flows from the beginning to the end.