Unusual College Essay Writing Topics

Your collegiate education may require the writing capabilities to write college essays based off various topics from society, to history and even personal sexuality. Becoming increasingly popular, however, is scripting essays which may have little sensibility in title yet need the best writing possible for clarity and fervor purposes. These unusual college essay writing topics have no bounds, few rules and endless potential for greatness; some of these topics which we’ve found to contain unfamiliar, weird or simply angering possibilities for essay topics. Make sure you always at least attempt every essay topic given.

Topics Which Cause Anger

When researched, the following essay topics were found to anger students when writing these, perhaps even spurning debate amongst friends or making the writer trash their apartment:

  • What Causes Outrage In You?
  • Why Shooting Pedophiles Is Illegal
  • How People Become Arrogant
  • Why Did My Parents Lie To Me?
  • Why I Avoid My Neighbors

The topics which have traditionally upset people is endless; if you have thick skin and write without bias involved, any of these subjects could potentially provide perfect grading and high praises.

Obvious Yet Strange Topics

Some essay topics will have you thinking about something deeply for no apparent reason because the topics are so obvious. Many students have written these essays simply because they were assigned yet didn’t have much fun during the process since they were literally so obvious, it was hilarious.

  • Why Did You Enroll In College?
  • Are You Alone Right Now?
  • Make An Interesting Prediction About Air
  • Why Exactly Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
  • What Didn’t High School Teach You

What’s Unusual About Writing Unusually?

Different, weird or simply extraordinarily obvious essay topics aren’t out of the realm of impossibility for college professors to assign these subjects to you. What makes these essay topics unusual, many argue, is the fact they step outside the conventional mode of thinking and back into subjects which we’ve either never cared about, or ignored most of our lives. Since college is for learning strange things and tampering in different areas of sociability, it comes as little surprise that one day you’ll be assigned bizarrelyconceived essay topics that perhaps make little sense to you, yet make perfect sense to your instructor. Always remember to make the most out of every infrequent essay topic by writing with clarity and letting your natural affinity for essays shine through.