5 Things to Include in an Andy Warhol Essay

Andy Warhol is a very well-known American artist. When writing an essay about him, or any person, you should remember to include the following information.

  1. Introduce the readers to the person you are writing about. Give a brief introduction telling the readers who your research is about and why they are important. Why is this person so well known? What contributions or influences have they made upon society? Your introduction is also where you should give a brief summary of the different categories you will touching on to support your reasons of why your subject is important.
  2. Background. Be sure to provide background information about your subject. This includes when and where they were born, any information regarding family and how they were raised, education, career, lifestyle, and death. Basically any information that provides an insight to the whys and hows of that person.
  3. Historical Context. This is information about the time period in which the subject lived. For Andy Warhol, the historical context would include influences behind his artistic creations. For example, Warhol’s works became famous in the 1960’s, so you would include information about things like the civil rights movement.
  4. Lifestyle and other influences. The 1960’s was a decade that celebrated classic American icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. It was a controversial time of change, where people were learning to embrace their individuality while fighting for equal rights. These are important factors that influenced Andy Warhol’s art, and need to be included when writing an essay about him.
  5. Work and contributions.  The last and most important information to include in your Andy Warhol essay is his work as an artist.  What are some of his most famous works? What was his role is creating the visual arts movement known as “pop art”?  Why was his work so important?  What influences did his work have on future artists?  All of the other information you have provided so far should help to answer these questions.

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