Finding the best Quality Academic Writing Service

There Are Plenty of Academic Writing Services on the Web

There’s a plethora of writing companies and freelance writing professionals available for hire on the internet. There are so many services to choose from, in fact, that it would be impossible to sift thoroughly through all your options and ensure you have located the optimal service.

Since such a brute force method of researching each company is not feasible, it is better to enter the marketplace with some basic tips. There are a few factors you should keep in mind whenever you select an academic writing service. In addition, there are several red flags you should also be on the lookout for, which signal that a potential service is not trustworthy or high quality. Here is a guide to some of those crucial factors.

Pay Rate

You should pay close attention to how you are billed, as the client of an academic writing service. You should seek a company that is as transparent and consistent as possible in its billing structure and its policies regarding payment, refunds, and charge backs. A reputable service often will post its payment schedule and a rough rate estimate somewhere on its website, where any potential client may find it. If this information is not publically posted, it should be available upon request. Be wary of a company that has a variable payment rate that is not the same from job to job.

Work Schedule

Keep in mind the time frame you are operating under, and ensure that the service can work with your schedule. If you are on a serious time crunch, only work with an academic writing service that can promise swift results and customer satisfaction. Only deal with a company that can promise you a refund in the event that there is a delay in production, or if the work is not up to your standards. If a writer or a company expresses doubt or unwillingness to specify a particular deadline, consider working with some other outlet.

Website Security

Internet safety is very important when dealing with academic writing companies. Some sites that purport to be academic writing companies are in fact simply scams that are serving as a cover for an identity theft ring or a company that distributes malware. Never give private or sensitive information, especially billing information, to a company that cannot promise you the utmost security. Only issue payment through secure servers and FDIC insured payment processing programs and outlets. If a site appears “sketchy” in any way, steer clear.