Academic essays prompts: speak to your reader

Writing in an academic style can be quite distressing for many of the people out there. The fact that there are always strict rules to follow keeps many people away from actually liking writing academic pieces, but the truth may be that once you understand what all the strict rules are really about, you may grow into liking to write academic papers.

Among all the types of academic papers out there, essays may be the most beloved ones because they do leave the writer with a chance of expressing their own opinion and of being a bit more creative in the way they argument their opinion as well. However, you should bear in mind the fact that even in this case there are some rules you will have to follow. For instance, citing sources when you have them is extremely important because otherwise your essay may be considered to be plagiarized. Considering the fact that plagiraism is the equivalent of stealing in the academic world, you will most definitely not want to be accused of it.

Academic Essays: the Boundary between Academic Writing and Creative Writing

The reason so many people would rather prefer to write an academic essay than a research paper is because in the first case they can allow their creativity to be unleashed a bit more than in the latter case. Academic essays are not so much about norms, but about bringing forward arguments to sustain your opinion and although this can be a challenge as well, it will definitely be a more pleasant one for a lot of the students out there. An academic essay has to speak to its readers and if you want to find out some very good tips on how to do this, then you should definitely read on.

  1. You are allowed to use first person (both in pronouns and in verbs), but do make sure that you do not exaggerate. People may not like something that seems too egocentric.
  2. Find very good examples to sustain your opinion and make sure that they are examples that would appeal to the emotional side of the people out there as well. Of course, an academic essay should be anything but cheesy, but finding the right balance between emotional and detached is the right way to do this.
  3. Write in a language almost every reader out there can understand and avoid vocabulary that is much too complex because most of the readers out there will instantly dismiss a paper if it is written in a language they cannot understand with relative ease.