Biology Homework Help: Common Places Where to Look for

It is a common situation when a student has to look for help with his biology homework. There are different reasons for it, but the main points emphasize the complexity of the science:

  • Biology presents many complicated subjects to discuss. Some of the concepts covered can become a real challenge.
  • While textbooks dwell upon each of the numerous topics, included in the course, sometimes the language of the chapters is barely understandable.
  • Lab reports, writing and reading assignments quickly become the extra load in the already huge amount of homework.

Where do students find access to quality resources to help with their homework?

With the level of modern technological development libraries ceased to be the only place where students can do research papers or find additional materials. The first option now is to look for the Internet resources. The available websites explain the difficult concepts in a way that is easy to comprehend, employing various interactive forms, for instance video tutorials, online lectures, live tutoring, or supportive materials.

  • The Biology Corner
  • While this webpage was designed for teachers, it can also be used by students or parents to find extra study materials in a form of tests and quizzes.

  • The Biology Place
  • It includes not only practical material, but also a brief review of theory and a glossary of over 1000 biology terms.

  • Cells Alive
  • Cells Alive concentrates on interactive activities combined with information on a variety of cells and cellular organisms. It demonstrates a gallery of cell images that perfectly suit for research projects. What is more, the material is written in a way that any student can understand. The website also offers quizzes and puzzles to practice your knowledge before classroom tests.

  • Cliffs Notes
  • The biology section of Cliffs Notes includes many articles covering numerous biological concepts. It has reader-friendly a style with vocabulary terms in bold text and, common questions relevant to the topic at the bottom. Conveniently enough, clicking these questions will take you to a short article explaining the answer.

  • Chegg Biology Help
  • You might want to use Chegg if you look for the answers to questions in your textbook. At first you enter the title into the search bar on the homepage, and, having found the match, you can read the homework solutions for each chapter. Keep in mind that this website requires signing up for a paid account after the free trial period is expired.