5 Ways To Generate A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics

A unique dissertation topic is an essential part of a winning dissertation paper. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint the exact topic or research question, so it is very helpful to try to generate a list from which you can choose an appropriate topic. Here are 5 methods you can try for making a big list of dissertation topics:

  1. Take notes while reading. When you have come to the point in your education that you are choosing a dissertation topic, it can be assumed that you already have some areas of interest, no matter how broad they may be. In this strategy, you will gather a significant amount of reading materials in the area of your interest and begin reading. As you read along, take notes. The reading and the notes may spark an idea, a really wonderful idea for your dissertation topic.
  2. Look online for dissertation topic ideas. You might be surprised to see how many universities and websites publish lists of dissertation topics. You could spend hours browsing through them and making shorter lists. You may need to do a little research to see if some of them have already been used or even over-used. However, they may still give you a general idea from which you can narrow down to your own angle on the idea.
  3. Ask your advisor for a list of dissertation ideas. Your advisor can give you really good counsel in this area. He may have started his own list of dissertation topics that he would like to see his students choose. They may be his interests but maybe one of them will jump out at you as something you would like to pursue.
  4. Search history for topic ideas. Yes, there is a wealth of information here. Search authors, intellectuals, eras in history and figures in history. You can also conduct a search that encompasses specific geographical locations to find an event or person of interest to develop a dissertation around. Or how about a science breakthrough or some of the world’s unanswered questions?
  5. A dissertation writing service. Believe it or not, dissertation writing services have experts that can give you a list of dissertation topics that may be of interest to you. There are many such services around. If you have a broad topic chosen but need help to narrow it down and give depth and detail to it, they can do that too.

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