Using Chicago Research Paper Format: 3 Things You Must Know

Chicago style of writing is used by usually history, literature, and art students for their research papers.  This format is simple to use and isn’t much different then writing a essay.  It includes subtitles, title page, and references but they are set up a little differently than APA and MLA style.  I will show you those differences and how to make a great Chicago style research paper. 

3 Things You Must Know

 The first difference is the title page on the paper, it is set up kind of like both APA and MLA combined.  You center the title like any other style of paper but then under the title you put your name under the title centered.  Then at the bottom of the page centered, you put your instructor’s name, course name, and date all right under each other. 

 The next different thing in this kind of style is how you do quotes in your text, APA and MLA style have you put them in with quotations but Chicago style does not.  This is put in the text indented on every line of the quote with out quotations.  This shows the reader that this is a direct quote from you research.

And the last thing that is different is the way that you cite you work.  You do have a bibliography page at the every end that shows your sources but above that page is a page for notes.  These notes are numbered and give a description of the source you used and the page number you go the source from.  This is how you place the in text citations in the body of your research paper.  After you use one of these sources you put a number at the end of the sentence that shows the reader where you go that information.  And it also makes the research paper look less crowded in the end because of the use of the numbers. 

These are the three things that you must know about Chicago style and knowing these simple difference from other styles will ensure that you research paper will be great.  Since this kind of research paper does have a few more part of it, you should always keep in mind, especially with any research paper you are going to write, start early.  Starting early will help you find all the information you will need and give you time to compose an awesome research paper.