Top 10 Research Paper Topics for University

One of the most important parts of writing your university research paper is the topic. The topic of your paper will define everything else about your paper, how your research it, and how you write about it. Without a topic in mind first, it’s very difficult to move forward with creating your research paper. Below are ten great ideas for topics you could use:

1. Abortion

The “pro-choice” debate has a lot of strong willed supporters on both sides. How does science back up either side? Is the future of stem cell research worth the controversy it presents?

2. Student Loan Debt

Should students be allowed to go to school for free? After all, a more educated country of people means they can do more difficult or specialized jobs, and keep the economy running. But what about the money – teachers still have to be paid.

3. Homeless People

Does everyone deserve a place to live? What about those who, through the choices of others or their own, cannot afford shelter, food or clothing? What is already being done to help, and what could be improved on?

4. Online Dating

Look at the statistics of successful couples or friendships vs. stalking or sexual predators on a wide variety of dating sites. Could online relationships be more good than bad or vice versa?

5. Eating Disorders

With the issues of obesity knocking on our doors, how should eating disorders be treated? Do these psychological problems even exist in countries where there isn’t such an abundance of food?

6. Animal Rights

Girls sure love their makeup and even some guys too, but at what price? Where should the line be drawn (or does there need to be a line?) on animal testing for makeup and other products?

7. Lead Poisoning

Should imports of toys from China be banned because of all the recalls and lower standards of manufacturing that they have? Is the relationship and foreign trade agreement more important than protecting American children from lead?

8. Drug Abuse

What is being done in schools to discourage drugs, and could it be better? Should all drugs, even cigarettes be illegal? Would the cigarette companies going out of business negatively impact the economy more than all the health problems smokers bring with them?

9. Gambling

Should gambling be illegal, or is it a legitimate (although risky) way of earning money? What should be done to steer young people away from it?

10. The Great Depression

Talk about what happened to put the U.S. in such a state, and how it could be avoided from happening a second time