College Essay Writing Help: The Order of your Paragraphs

An essay should contain a total of 5 paragraphs if you are following the standard styles of formatting. However, these paragraphs cannot be randomly thrown on the paper. This results in a paper that is disorganized and hard to read, and it is something that your professor will certainly frown upon. It is essential that you are following a specific order for your paragraphs for your essay to be a success.

The Right Order

Pay attention to the instructions given to you by your instructor. These instructions will tell you the proper style in which to write your essay. If it is the general writing, or AP style, the following guidelines should be recognized when ordering your paragraphs.

Paragraph One

The first paragraph of your essay is the introduction paragraph. The introduction paragraph should detail what the essay will cover. It should be engaging and encourage the reader to continue on reading the material. It should also include the thesis, and a hook. This statement should be short and simple but still provide information that is valuable and resourceful, keeping it between three to five sentences in length.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph is the first paragraph of the body. Inside of the first paragraph you should detail the strong points of your arguments. You reverse hook should be included on the first line. The topic should be mentioned in the first couple of sentences, and this topic should relate back to the thesis.

Third paragraph

The third paragraph is the second paragraph of the body. It should contain valid arguments that re less important than what you have listed in the second paragraph. The topic should be in the first sentence or the second and should relate to the thesis offered in the introduction.

Fourth Paragraph

Your fourth paragraph of the essay should be the third paragraph of the body. Here you should list the weakest of the arguments of your thesis. It should include a reverse hook in the first sentence and should also lead into the last paragraph of the essay.

Final Paragraph

The 5th and final paragraph of the paper is the conclusion. The conclusion paragraph is a restatement of the thesis written in a different wording format. Point out the strong points here. Keep this statement between 3 and 4 sentences long. A call to action may also work for the conclusion of the paper.