What is a Good Research Paper Topic?

With all of the diverse research topics available, it becomes difficult sometimes to decide on a unique research topic that fits in with your professor's requirements and that also suits your personal interests. The best source of locating a good research topic is scholarly journals because they often have a variety of topics that relate to what you want to discuss. You don't want to cover the exact topic that the scholars covered in the articles but instead you can build on what the articles are about in your research  paper. Here are some good topics to use in a research paper.

Clash Between Postmodernism and Christianity

We now live in a postmodern society and this doesn't sit well with many traditional Christians who hold to the Bible as the source of truth in life and in society. You can write a research paper on the clash between those who hold to postmodern views and those who are conservative Christians. Talk about how postmodernism is influencing our society in the areas of politics, arts, education and science. You can also discuss Christians' reactions to these influences.

Analysis of The Great Gatsby

You can approach an analysis of the classic novel The Great Gatsby from a historical context and you do this by discussing what life was like for American during the 1920s and you can also discuss the coexistence and occasional tension between those with old money and those who gained their wealth through hard work. You can discuss the aftermath of World War I and the prosperity that followed it in this decade.

Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

This is becoming a major problem across the country and you can write a research paper on the causes and effects of elder abuse in nursing homes, and you should also include solutions that have been proposed and being enacted to decrease this disturbing trend. You can gather information from medical journals, state documents online, local newspapers and national newspaper articles on the topic.


When you choose your research topic, be careful not to use an overload of information in the paper because this confuses and sometimes bores the reader. Another thing you don't want to do is use very little credible data in the research paper because the paper is not based on your opinions or personal experiences.