Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

The format of an essay is such a common assignment that everyone knows what you mean when you say the word “essay”. They’ve been assigned by teachers around the globe on every topic that you can imagine, and then some. Writing an essay is something that almost everyone who’s been in school has done at least once in their life, and most of those people will probably tell you how much they disliked the experience. Essay formats are usually pretty strict, and depending on the teacher, the class, and the length, they can be limited down to an exact word count.

When you’re writing an argumentative essay, there are so many topics to choose from, that it can be very difficult to pick one. Going with something controversial is always a good idea because there’s a lot to say about both sides of the argument, and likely it’s been covered before by other writers so you’ll be able to find a lot of material to quote and read up on for a general knowledge of the topic. This helps because the more that you know, the more you’re able to make your particular essay unique. Although in the same topic as someone else, or many someone else’s, you can have an entirely different perspective or position that makes yours stand out. Try finding a topic that has a lot of facts and figures (on both sides). This will give you a lot to talk about in between stating those facts, and analyzing what they could mean for the regular people who will be reading your essay. An important part of an argumentative essay is that you’re trying to convert someone else to your perspective on an issue, and this is particularly true with controversial topics, because you need to work that much harder to get somebody else believing on your side.

Make sure you really do your research for this essay, and even read more than you think you’ll need. It pays to come off as more knowledgeable than you might be, and knowing the jargon related to the issue. If you can really pull the reader into the story of this situation and make them empathize with your side, then you’ve won the battle. It’s only a small part to worry over spelling, grammar, format, etc. although an important part, it’s equally as essential to make your writing memorable.