A list of helpful Essay Writing Prompts

One of the most common aspects about essay writing is to have a good writing prompt. This helps spark ideas and create a brainstorming session that eventually will lead to a solid essay topic you can complete with no problem. Essays prompts vary as they can be about anything of interest depending on the subject matter.

It is important to understand the differences between essay prompts and topics. A topic is a specific idea or main subject that research will work to give further insight of. An essay prompt is like an incomplete idea that hints at something bigger or can lead one to a larger picture. Prompts can help you remember events or an image of something to bring fresh ideas to the situation.

Prompts are great for free writing when you want to exercise your writing skills or when you need help coming up with a topic through brainstorming. You are free to use whichever ideas come to mind when using a prompt. They can be as short as a few words or an incomplete sentence. While there are various ideas for topics available using a prompt can help you come up with an original topic you can be comfortable writing about. Consider the following prompts to help you get started.

  • The last time I
  • When did you go to the
  • I like pictures of nature that
  • The movie was good but
  • The best kept secret
  • Controversial topics that are
  • Remembering when I was little
  • When is the best time for
  • What I saw in the dark
  • Can you really prove the truth
  • The lady and her dog
  • The warm sunlight and the cold air
  • I think she lied
  • Did you see what happened?
  • It should not have happened again
  • Unexplained sadness
  • She did what with her money?
  • He just lied to her
  • I always forget
  • I told you it wouldn’t work
  • They believed you even though it was a lie
  • I hear someone but did not see them
  • I could not stop laughing
  • This is hilarious
  • You should know better
  • I remember when
  • It is not worth it
  • Should you go or stay
  • I can’t deal with it anymore
  • My true accomplishment
  • Most embarrassing moment
  • Best qualities you like about you
  • I like that idea
  • It was just a thought
  • She knew it
  • My mother told me
  • My father always said