Women’s Rights/Suffrage

While women have come a long way in making their position known in the world, there still continues to be controversy surrounding what a woman can and cannot do. A woman should have a right to choose what she wants to do with her body, but in some cases this is not easy enough for other parties to understand. Whether you are dealing the job market, abortion, or the right to make your own decisions as a female, there are still areas that need clarity on why a woman should have the right to have her voice heard.

There are countries that would not allow a woman to be a political leader, or hold a certain job title. On the other end, there are countries that are making strides in allowing women to lead and not just be a follower. There are still areas that will not allow a woman to vote or work certain jobs. It seems complicated to explain when a woman claims to be competent in doing something but she is still not allowed to do it because of her gender. The rights of women have been challenged over the years, and even though there have been welcomed changes, there still seems to be a high level of prejudice against them when considering certain concepts.

There are jobs that some claim a woman is expected to do verse something she would want that a man often does such as be a pastor, doctor, or leader of a nation. Women have proven themselves time and time again as being capable of doing just about anything from cleaning to inventing new products, but there are those with a one-sided mind that feel women should not have a say in anything or have the right to make significant choices like men have. There are women who feel they should earn more money at their job and know they can because a man is earning twice as much doing the same thing.

There are some issues a woman’s right may have conflict with such as abortion. Depending on the situation a woman should be free to choose what she wants to do whether you like it or not. Women’s rights still is problem that can be tackled with different options depending on the problem and where the concern lies (location wise). Until then women will continue to strive for their rights and their place in the world.