Help me write an essay: sample outline format

If students had a panic button, like older adult did when they fall, it would scream, “I have an essay and I don’t know what to do!”  It would also be one of the most bought and used products on the market.  Student have a tendency to not know how to format an essay and it makes them stress out and worry about sometimes even snowball out of control about their future.  Writing an essay is simple as long as the student follows a basic format.

Outline Format:

(This is a general format, always follow teacher’s requirements)

  • Heading: Instead of a title page, the student should include a header.  This header should include their name, teachers name, class name and number and then date in DMY format.  This should be located on the left hand side of the page at the very top of the essay.
  • Spacing: The entire document should be in double space.  This is an easy task to do in Microsoft word, if the student does not have access to this program, then they must have line of blankness between every line of text.
  • Margins: The entire document must have a margin set of one inch for both left and right margins and top and bottom margins.
  • Page Numbers: Every page must have a page number, this can be put in via a header.  The number must also have the student last name and be aligned right on the page.
  • Title: Every essay will need a title.  The title should be clever and match the essay.  The title will be formatted center of the page and immediately will follow the header.
  • Tabs/Indentation: Every paragraph should be indented using the tab key.  Pressing this button once should move the cursor one half of an inch.
  • Alignment:  The body of the essay and everything except the page number and title should have an left alignment, do not use or choose the justify option.

When the student puts all of this together it should look like the following:

Hurley 1

June Hurley

Mr. Sparks

ENG 101-02

10 October 2014

Man of Greatness

Some men are born for greatness, other men have to earn it.  When it comes to earning greatness, Batman man not be consider.  Since Bruce Wayne was born into privilege many would argue that Wayne would be born into the greatness, but the truth is after losing his parents to a mugging gone wrong, his greatness was earned.

Having their essay formatted as such, the student will be able to turn in a format that is clean and easy to read, and for a teacher that is a need.  This format will be easy for any student to complete as long as they can follow directions.