Mental Disorders

When people have a glitch in the way that they process thoughts and behave because of them are labeled as having a mental disorder. This is a much more politically correct term than mental illness and is used to help people understand the quirks that cause people to act in a certain manner. Most of the time when you look at the behavior of any person there are going to be quirks that you can identify and label as a certain type of mental disorder. When you look at it like that, and we are all to some degree a sufferer then it is a lot less likely to judge others.


Nobody can point to one single cause to mental disorders like bipolar disorder, depression, or personality disorders. Each person is a mixture of their personal histories, life experiences, stresses and anxieties and chemical makeup. These all combine to supply us with the manner in which our minds work. When patterns of thought are developed and followed then they are the major motivation in much of our behavior. Each experience that we have shapes the manner in which we think and determine how we interact with the rest of the world.


One of the most common mental disorders is called depression. There are many causes of this disorder and no two cases are exactly alike. Sometimes it can be caused by a chemical imbalance that exists in a person. This chemical imbalance causes a mind to malfunction and not create the chemicals that make a person happy and enjoy life. This type can be treated with medication and counseling. Another form of depression is caused by an event, the death of a loved one or some other traumatic event which changes the manner in which they view the world. Depression is identified by a lackluster feeling, lack of motivation and just a general loss in interest in all things that used to be interesting to them. Offering help to these people can be very difficult because they feel a great deal of shame about their plight.


Society labels many different behaviors as mental disorders to try to understand the actions that people follow. Most people have some degree of mental disorder, which is very mild but we all have them. The causes of these disorders are different, it can be environment, chemical balance or other reason. Most mental disorders can be overcome and people can live a bery productive life despite the disorders of the mind many suffer with.