6 Tips to Help You Improve Your Academic Writing

Did you know that no matter what level your writing skills are on right now, you could improve them overnight? It’s true! If this is something that sounds interesting to you, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you 6 tips that good writers use to improve their skills quickly. And you can repeat them multiple times to gain even more improvement in your writing.

  1. Write regularly in a journal. This has been shown to greatly improve a person’s writing skills. It is practice at its best, because you can just write freely without worrying about what the storyline is or what the purpose is. Allow your writing to flow freely in your journal. You’d be surprised how this exercise can help you.

  2. Know your reader. This means more than just knowing their age, gender and general demographics. You must know their educational level as well. This helps in your academic writing because it lets you know what you can assume they already know and you can just jump in to the relevant content without doing too much explaining.

  3. Read more than you have been. Expand your circle of reading to other subjects. It helps give you a broader view of the world and it also immerses you in other peoples’ good writing. This exercise helps stretch your mind which helps to improve your writing abilities. Read lots of academic and scholarly journals and periodicals to stay on top of current research.

  4. Take an academic writing class. This will give you a lot of detail and insights into the world of academic writing. It helps you to know the mechanics of writing as well as what level of writing is expected for journal publication. This is probably the best class you’ll ever take at school.

  5. Take every opportunity to write, and eagerly accept feedback from several different sources. Remember that constructive feedback is always more useful than flattering feedback is. For every one person that says your academic writing is flawless you want 10 people telling you what you could improve in your writing.

  6. Establish a writing schedule and a writing routine. Have all of your necessary resources gathered and ready before you actually begin to write. If you set aside certain days and times for academic writing, you will establish a good habit that you can carry on throughout your entire academic career and even beyond that.