How to Write in APA Format: Common Requirements for a Research Paper

An APA paper will be assigned to you at some point in your academic career. It will probably be given to you by a humanities, mathematics, or science teacher. Generally MLA papers are assigned for English class. The two styles are very unique and you must carefully follow the rules for the format your teacher assigns you for your paper.

Make sure you have the following items in addition to adhering to the rules the teacher gives you in class. Always make a detailed outline and compose a strong thesis statement with valid main points. If your thesis statement is not working, do not be afraid to change it. Pick a strong topic, have thorough research, always meets your deadlines, and seek help if you feel overwhelmed.

  • Title Page
  • Use a size 12 font and a standard academic font like Arial for your paper. Center the title page and make sure to include your name, your title, the teacher’s name, and your school’s name. Make sure that you have headers(on every page) and that you always double space the lines of your paper.

  • The Abstract
  • The next section will be your abstract. This is a one to two page summary about what you are proving and how you went about proving your point. Do not get too specific in the abstract. If it for science, you can mention your tools and research.

  • Body of Paper
  • Your paper will vary in length depending upon your age, grade, and the assignment. You will methodically discuss your subject, findings, and conclusion. In a science paper or a case study, you want to prove your hypothesis.

  • Extras
  • Your teacher will let you know whether you can have graphs, pictures, and charts. Make sure to do as the teacher says.

  • Reference Page
  • The last thing in your paper will be a reference sheet. It could be a works cited paper that includes only the sources you used or it could be a bibliography that lists every single piece of data and information that you look at while working on your paper.

  • In-Text Citations
  • The in-text citations will have the author and year of publication in the parentheses. An example would be: (Brown, 2001). If you do not know the author or you have many authors, consult an APA guide.