Company Analysis of Medstar Georgetown University Hospital


Medstar Georgetown University Hospital has its location in Northwest Washington, D.C. The hospital is an acute-caring and not-for-profit teaching and research firm. Having 609 beds, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital’s foundation lies in the need to achieve care for the whole person. Other attributes that characterize Medstar Georgetown University Hospital include innovative treatment and diagnostic options, in conjunction with a compassionate and trusting environment. Some of the areas of excellence that place Medstar Georgetown University Hospital on the forefront of healthcare service provision include gastroenterology, cancer, transplant and neurosciences. Without a doubt, the firm’s professionals in health care exhibit excellence in leadership and medication. This paper seeks to analyze Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, focusing on financial management, quality and marketing attributes that the firm exhibits.

Financial Management

Service Analysis

Georgetown University owns the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and, the hospital offers practices for community physicians and, scores of divisions and departments in clinical fields. The hospital poses collaborative approaches in the training of students from the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and the School of Medicine. The latter constitutes about 500 residents and fellows on an annual basis. Furthermore, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital collaborates with the research institute in the university to aid in realizing innovative therapies that scientific laboratories prepare. The collaborative approaches that Medstar Georgetown University Hospital assumes assist in efficiency regarding service provision. For instance, the firm’s partnership with five Baltimore hospitals is responsible for great improvements in clinical efficiency and, eventual improvement in diversity towards clinical experiences among students. Given that primary care providers operate in various sites, clinical services at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital remain outstanding. The sites include Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Indubitably, service provision at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital implies that the firm is the largest and most diverse in terms of geography, with full integration of healthcare delivery in reference to regional networks.

Methods of Funding

Given that Georgetown University is a private institution in Washington, D.C., and that the university owns Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, the process of funding assumes arrangements in which budgetary allocations at the university level consider the hospital needs. However, external funding from the government and other donor institutions aids in further provision of quality services at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. One of the donors that aid in funding services at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital is the Child Life Program.

Research Issues

Medstar Georgetown University Hospital participates in education and research programs. The programs include fellowship programs, clinical trials, and residency. Specializations gain application in the fields of orthopaedics, gastroenterology, urology, rheumatology, respiratory disorders, psychiatry, neuro-surgery, neurology, kidney disease, hormonal disorders, heart disease, gynecology, geriatrics, throat, ear-nose, digestive disorders, and cancer. The hospital’s Transplant Institute is one of the best among health providers in the mid-Atlantic region regarding liver transplants. Other areas of research at the hospital include CyberKnife towards the treatment of tumors and brain lesion, spine and neck. Therefore, evidence exists regarding the provision of research in Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, a great success that leads to increased Cancer Center Membership and, increments in the clinical trials.