Good Health Related Topics For A Research Paper

Although many people prefer to write about fun, dangerous and perhaps even inspiring topics, many will be assigned in-depth health research papers, especially if shooting for RN or PhD status. If medical terminology isn’t part of your large lexicon of words, it probably soon should be. While many good research topics related to medically problematic areas of life are often forgotten about, we implore you to consider using these really good health related topics for a research paper you’ll undoubtedly love or find an interest in should you decided to undertake these areas.

  • Osteoporosis
  • We’ve all seen how our lives usually end with brittle bones, weakened abilities and lacking proper calcium in our bodies. Those potential medical students can take solace in these research papers to produce excellent data and potential areas to explore related to bone masses in general.

  • Autism
  • Many children have been stricken with this disease which causes weakness and constant confusion. Although we’ve been slow to produce viable treatment options for autistic cases, college students could still produce an excellent essay relevant to curing or further studying autism.

  • Obesity
  • Society, in general, has the difficult time in eating healthy. Sometimes we’re too wrapped up with work for exercising; use this opportunity to write about our growing obesity concerns for your research paper, compiling data and facts which could inevitably assist doctors in restoring healthy order to society.

  • Incontinence
  • It’s definitely an embarrassment to accidentally use the restroom in your pants, yet growing bladder control problems lead to incontinence, and could be the focal point of your studies. Urinary tracts are partially at fault when incontinent people are diagnosed as such; minimal medications are available.

  • Menopause
  • Although not related to diseases, women generally over 50 experience their changes which include discontinued bleeding and mild pains. By conducting your research paper using menopausal women at study subjects, you could propagate an excellent written summation of what women go through, and why they mentally and physically change as they do.


These are just some possibilities that exist within our health world which could be the central focus of your research paper. Although many health topics were left off this brief list of good health topics, we encourage you to check out all available avenues for health topic writing and choose those you feel haven’t been discussed enough, or simply need more focus than others such as the health topics above.