Iraq War Vets Cheated on Medical

Thousands of veterans having great track records showing their strong commitments to better served the US nation. Now the question is- are they receiving the same response by United States after reaching home? Recently thousands of wounded troops are come to home and needs medical care. In past the government of United States was obliged these veterans with great medical care and benefits to them and their dependents. But lately it’s more important to look- whether Iraq War veterans are getting the same benefits and medical treatments as they deserve or cheated?

In fact veterans of Iraq War are not getting the medical benefits. Thousands of troops are returning from Iraq War with wounds, injuries or other War ailments. The government of United States denying by their responsibility for providing medical benefits to Iraq War vets by saying that these veterans are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Government violating diagnosed by arguing these personality disorders were exists before joining. This argument shows that government wants leaving himself from this matter and still not willing to compensate and pay medical benefits to Iraq War Veterans. Military doctors know all the facts about veterans’ physical injuries but ignoring them by declaring that the veterans are having personality disorder. The result of this, many vets not treated for most serious diseases, some soldiers were found to have very serious problem of post-war, like PTSD, and while others attempt to suicide by the fears of war-driven.

Now the question is why the United State government is ignoring the most serious ailments of veterans due to Iraq War and cheating with them by preventing the delivery of medical benefits? Thus they want to save funds. For instance, if the US government starts to pay medical benefits and compensate to all veterans, then they will lose huge amount of dollars all the time. There is a strong need to provide medical care to all brave soldiers, but government deny to take any action against this matter and just busy in saving funds instead of saving military men.

Most of the soldiers are seeking benefits (many veterans needs treatment on long-term basis) by the government to provide and handling extra expensive medical treatment. The greatest generations of present Iraq War veterans are comprise with psychological and physical diseases, but government does not want to spend money on their treatments. Military doctors discharging veterans by misdiagnosis which is the big problem for injured veterans. Government is continuously trying to cheat with veterans in their medical benefits (that is purely the right of vets), in order to save millions of national dollars. It’s not surprising that most of veterans are crying, suing and protecting out against their administration.

Finally it’s concluded that the government must deliberately provide support to its veterans and fulfill all the commitments made with them in terms of medical benefits.