How Sports Can Benefit Children

Team sports can have a very beneficial effect on children in terms of psychological, physical and social development. Children are less likely to feel isolated and alone if they play a team sport as each team member has his or her defined role to fulfill. Many commentators have extolled the benefits of sports for children’s development, as it teaches them much about their future role in society and how they react to pressure. It is essential to be balanced as too strong an emphasis on competitive sport is not necessarily always to the child’s benefit. Some children are better at sports than others, and some may prefer to face challenges on their own in solitary sports like swimming or athletics where challenges are met by the individual rather than the team.

The psychological benefits include learning about being a member of a group and being less isolated. Those with leadership potential will be able to develop this potential in a team sport. Some advisors have elevated the team effort to being a prime objective bit team sports are not necessarily for everyone. Sport activity is seen as an important preparation for the military but not everybody wants to be a soldier. Leadership can be developed by team sport participation, but leadership has been elevated to a primary objective in business and development in the company. However, not everyone is cut out to be a leader. The incidence of stress in the working environment is an indication that competitiveness does not always equal happiness.

The physical benefits of sports are obvious when one considers the widespread incidence of obesity in America among young people. Physical activity is a vital part of an individual’s ongoing development. We all suffer from the effects of too much time in front of the computer.  A physically active person is likely to be more effective in work situations and creativity. It is imperative to keep our bodies active and exercised and the sooner   we learn to do this the better. A child’s social development, learning to accept losing as well as winning and to be an active member of the team is clearly beneficial.

In conclusion, sports are an immense benefit for children, but they are not the be- all and end –all of growing up. They should not be the sole objective when educating a child although they do play an important part.