How to write Compare & Contrast Essay

Comparison and contrast essays are very popularly assigned to college students. The essays are not only for college students, however, and it is possible they will be required in all ages and grades. Regardless of your current grade or what subject you are writing for, understanding how to write these essays is a must.

The Purpose of the Essay Type

The purpose of this type of essay is fairly simple: you must determine the differences of the subjects while also detailing how they are also similar. The purpose of the compare and contrast essay is very simple, but to bring the essay to life requires a lot of patience and research.

Learning how to Construct your Essay

When writing this particular type of essay follow the formula below to ensure a well-written, properly structured and sufficient piece. Although there are a few different ways to write this style essay, the following is the most common.

  • Step One: An introduction is the first step in creating your paper. This paragraph should contain several sentences that will lead into the rest of the story. The thesis statement should be written on the final line of the introduction paragraph.
  • Step Two: Choose your topics, if you’ve not already. Typically there will be two or three topics listed, but the number that will be contained in your essay will vary according to the essay’s length. Research your topics well and understand them thoroughly to write the best possible essay.
  • Step Three: You should create one to two paragraphs for the topics that have been chosen. Inside of the paragraphs you should provide analysis of the topics, discussing what makes the two the same as well as different.
  • Step Four: Provide a closing statement for the essay. This is called the conclusion. The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the information that you’ve provided in the body of the essay paper. Do not repeat the same words in the conclusion but do ensure that you reorganize those thoughts in a few sentences.
  • Step Five: Appendices should be listed next.
  • Step Six: Proofread the document. This is an important step not to forget. Your paper must be proofread for errors because you certainly do not want a paper like this to reach the hands of your professor! It takes only a few seconds, so make sure that you are proofreading!