The Dark Side of Online Thesis Writing Companies

There most definitely is a dark side in the world of online thesis writing companies. As with most organizations and subjects, there is good and bad in everything. Unfortunately the dark side has a lot of disadvantages and almost all entrap the hapless student. You have been warned. Do not get burnt.

Plagiarism is very definitely a dirty word. It is at the heart of all that is wrong, all that is part of the dark side of online thesis writing. The situation in which it occurs is very easy to understand.

Students are in trouble

It happens every day in every college around the world. There is pressure on students to do well in their studies. There is pressure from their parents for them to succeed. There is pressure from their peers to be able to match them in academic results. There is pressure from the world of employment where jobs require specific qualifications and very good marks in those qualifications. And all this creates the perfect storm for the struggling student.

One escape route, one way out all their trouble is to turn to an online thesis service. And this is where we come to the problem of the dark side.

The characteristics of a bad online thesis provider:

  • they often offer their service at a very cheap rate
  • they make promises which are clearly untrue
  • they do not provide a rewrite service
  • they can go out of business overnight
  • they get your money and you get a useless thesis

Many students are not wealthy. When they are searching the web for an online thesis provider, the ones which are significantly cheaper than others are often chosen purely on the basis of price.

Plagiarism is a major problem. Many students adopt the cut and paste procedure in producing their essays. Of course with the checking devices now available online, it is very easy to spot an essay which has been cut and pasted. Plagiarism is easy to spot. However on the dark side of the online thesis writers, you will be promised plagiarism free work when in fact, the same essay is regurgitated time and time again.

Many students pay their money, receive their online essay and then discover that it needs tweaking. The unscrupulous providers do not provide a rewrite service.

If you find an online thesis writing service which has been in business for many years, you are far more likely to find success or get the work you require from this type of operator. The shonky dealers disappear overnight.

Think about it and do so very carefully. Paying for a useless thesis is as bad as, or some would argue worse than, having no thesis at all. If you submit a thesis that comes from the dark side, its flaws will be there for all to see. You will get a poor or very poor mark and your reputation will seriously suffer.