How to start an argumentative essay - examples

An argumentative essay can be one of the easiest to create provided you follow the following steps.

  • Choose a topic which divides opinion.
  • Collect as much evidence as possible.
  • Write the best thesis statement you can.
  • Keep your focus.

If you have chosen a terrific and appropriate topic for your argumentative essay, it is easy to make a terrific start. Remember that the topic must divide public opinion. If you come up with a topic which most people agree with, it is much harder to write a good beginning to your argumentative essay. It's much harder to write a good argumentative essay altogether. So look for a topic which people love to discuss, debate and argue about. The more controversy the better.

You must have evidence to support your claim. You are going to come out on one side of an issue. You are going to argue that your thesis statement, your proposal is correct. And you want to do this right from the beginning. But unless you have gathered information, charts and statistics to back up your claim, the start to your argumentative essay will lack punch.

The thesis statement is the fulcrum upon which your argumentative essay is placed. The stronger your thesis statement the easier it is to write the beginning of your argumentative essay and the stronger it will be. Take your time in creating your thesis statement. It needs to be crystal clear. The person reading your argumentative essay will be in no doubt as to what side of the topic you are going to mount a case.

Don't go off course. You must keep your focus. You've chosen the topic and you've written your thesis statement. To make the beginning of your argumentative essay really powerful and of course interesting, keep your focus on both the topic and thesis statement. One of the weaknesses which many students have been producing in writing an argumentative essay is that their opening is poor or lacks focus.

There is an old but true statement which is that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. To kick-start your argumentative essay, think of something controversial to say from the off. You have a divisive topic. Now take advantage of the differing opinions and fire your first shot which is controversial. This will hook your reader. This will start your argumentative essay with a bang.