Literacy Narrative Essay Is Hard To Create

There are a ton of students who have difficulty creating narrative essays. Literacy narrative essays are challenging to compose, and difficult to edit if you are not positive what you are trying to accomplish. Some students struggle with the creation of literacy narrative essays because of various factors. Some of the most common elements of writing a narrative essay that students struggle with include:

  • Some students are just not creative- When it comes to making up a story out of thin air, a lot of students need to be prompted or coaxed in to starting to write about something more specific.
  • There are a lot of students who are great at research on topics that they are provided, but when it comes to broad topics, it is too challenging for the student to narrow it down on his or her own.
  • Some students have difficulty writing the dialogue necessary for a narrative essay.
  • Other students have trouble with the formatting of a narrative essay.

These are just a few of the difficulties that students have with writing literacy narrative essays.

If you have been assigned the task of creating a literacy narrative essay, there is a long road ahead of challenges and questions in regards to the writing process. There are a few guidelines that you will be able to follow in order to get started to make the process a little easier on you. Some of the most important guidelines for writing a narrative essay include:

  • First pick out the moral, point, or lesson that you want your readers to walk away learning from your narrative story.
  • Then you will design a list of characters that will interact with on another in order to tell the story in a way that the audience receives the moral, point, or lesson that you originally chose.
  • Next, you will create a brief outline of your narrative essay. The outline will help you to organize your thoughts and get your mind working toward the goal of telling a story in a logical way in order to get your point across.
  • Once your outline is created, you will begin to fill in the situations that the characters find themselves in through out the story in order to tell the tale.
  • Now that you have the framework for your narrative essay, you will be able to decide where to take compositional risks. This will be imperative to the writing process. You will select specific areas in the text to include dialogue, or interesting writing techniques.
  • Finally, you will fill in all of the properly formatted writing that will complete your story.