Never Use Sample Essays Available on the Web

Sample essays of various topic are easily accessible on the Internet. If you don’t believe it, go ahead and do a quick search for yourself. There’s tons of them, on regular college topics, high school write-ups and even some highly unusual essays.

Free Samples up for Grabs

They are there, free for you to copy and paste and complete your essay assignment, all without the hassle of doing the research and the homework that is required with the completion of the paper. That sounds incredibly sweet, considering hours of time is often put into the creation of a well-written essay paper.

But stop, hold up and wait a minute! Using those sample essays that you come across online could be one of the biggest mistakes made during the academic life. There are a ton of reasons these essays should never be used, unless a lot of problems are something that you are hoping for.

  1. They are Samples
  2. Sample essays are there for you to get a better idea of what your report should look like, or to demonstrate the writing abilities of a company or individual. They are for demonstrative purposes only!

  3. Plagiarized
  4. It is highly likely that the paper will be returned as plagiarized should the professor check this criteria. It is the material of the writer, after all, and they retain all rights to the essay, how it is used and the way that it is distributed.

  5. It is Stealing
  6. As just discussed, the author of the essay owns full rights to the material. Just as a photographer is paid for each photograph that is taken, the writer is paid (or at least owns) for the rights to that essay. If you take this without permission from the original essay writer you are virtually stealing someone else’s work!

  7. Missing Opportunities
  8. Last but not least, using the samples that are so easily found on the web eliminates the chance to learn the information the instructor wants to be learned. This causes problems now and in the future. Understanding how to compile an essay is a vital part of many careers, even if you think that it doesn’t. using the sample essay prevents you from learning the information needed and can impede on grades now and when it is time to take the test.

The bottom line- never use those sample essays on the web. Resist all urges and understand there is nothing at all worthwhile about them.