Oscar Schindler: Perfectly Imperfect.

Oscar Schindler has been living in the hearts and minds of millions of Jews whom he saved from a renowned tyrant of history named Hitler. Oscar protected almost 1200 Jews by giving them work in his factory and emerged as a protector to the oppressed nation of those times. He was kind-hearted to Jews and managed to escape them from the brutal clutches of Nazi advocates. Many historians have quoted him as a nice person with a gentle approach towards the Jews. He used to call their children as their own which showed the level of his association with the race. In history, he is known as a humane and courageous person who risked his life to save people in the toughest time of their lives. Jews felt themselves blessed due to such intense cooperation and protection from an angel-like person and credited him for their lives. There were more than 3 million Jews before the World War II in Poland alone; however, this number has now reduced to around 15,000 due to their massive killings during WWII. In US and Europe, almost 8,000 Schindler’s Jews are living with most of them in Israel. Being a rich person, he spent most of his money for the noble cause of saving and sheltering Jews. This has made him a memorable part of Jewish history and has earned him a lot of respect among them.

Unlike, many other heroes who are portrayed as flawless and of high moral values, Oscar Schindler was a man of flaws with many moral lapses that ultimately made him a less prominent part of the global history. He made huge profits during war days and used the Jews as his labour in his factory. This may present him as a personality with a title of ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. However, his immense efforts in times of hardships for Jews cannot be ignored by the benefitted group. Due to his acts, he was severly ignored by his own community and social circle. He helped Jews and for this he was disliked and even stoned by his own people. For good purposes, he used to bribe at a large scale. The disloyalty with his people and party has made him a ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ person for his own people. He cannot be regarded as a man of high integrity by those who considered him to follow their ani-Jew policies.