Animal Experimentation Essay Topics

In this article I will show you how to write a successful essay on animal experimentation and also list some interesting topics from which you may choose one or more.


  • Money or ethics? – Animal experimentation
  • Animal experimentation should be illegal. Agree or disagree?
  • Testing on animals has disadvantages, but also advantages;
  • Are you against animal experiments?
  • Why animal testing is actually good?
  • Should animal experimentation be banned?
  • Why don’t people disagree with animal testing?
  • Animal experimentation: big companies, big mistakes;

Choose one. Choose carefully and bring ideas to sustain your choice. Tell me why do you agree or disagree with the chosen title. This is some kind of an exercise for you to accommodate to the current situation.


Let’s say you choose a topic and want to write a term paper or an argumentative essay about it. Knowing some secrets and the classic structure of this kind of essay is all you need for the moment.

The structure should go like this:



Your introduction should contain your opinion on the subject and this is the moment when you tell the reader whether you agree or disagree with the statement from the title. The opinion should be yours, not copied and should have a valid back – up. I’m telling you these things because the next part of this introduction is the evidence that supports your key idea.


This is the part where you must do some pretty good research. I’m telling you this because this is the most valuable part of your animal experimentation essay. This is the part where you bring evidences and sustain your opinion with real information. Let’s say you have an issue with animal research conducted inside the big pharmaceutical companies. Search the books and the web for surveys, questionnaires and real proven data that can sustain your statement from the introduction.


Writing a good essay means knowing what to put in the final part of your paper. The conclusion means restating your key idea from the introduction, followed by the reasons why you agree or disagree with it. The conclusion means not restating anything else at this point, only enforcing what you have said initially. By reading and applying the things written above you can get a successful essay in less than an hour. Don’t forget to write down the source of your evidences.